Christmas Cookie Exchange

Our Christmas meeting is quickly approaching and it’s time to decide if you want to participate in our cookie exchange.

Here are the details:

Cookie Exchange Rules -- Sarver MOPS



A few more things we talked about at our last meeting:

  • You are not required to bring your cookies separated for each participant, but if you’d like, that would be awesome.  Extra bonus stars if you decorate bags or containers all cutesy.
  • If you do not separate cookies for each participant, please bring enough cookies on a tray.
  • Please bring a (or multiple) container(s) big enough to bring all of the cookies you will receive home.
  • You are not required to sign up for what type of cookie you plan to make; however, if you do know, put it on the list (or send us an e-mail) and we will send that out on Thursday, December 4th with the final cookie count.  This will help prevent anyone making the same type of cookie.

Happy cookie making!!


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