You’re invited : A “Be you, Bravely” Tea & Testimony

MOPS Tea & Testimony 2015

Come hungry to this meeting!  We’ll be having a full brunch.  The sign-up for food will be going around the next two meetings.  If you can’t make it to the upcoming meetings but plan to be at the Tea & Testimony and need to sign up for a food item (or forget what you signed up for) get in contact with us at

We will also be filling our encouragement mailboxes.  Bring a note (can be whatever you like – long, short, a poem, a picture – be creative!) for each member. See your e-mail for a list of names.

Also, our craft will involve our Courage Keys.  When you received your official MOPS International packet, there was a Courage Key in a small manilla colored envelope.  Start bringing them in with your name on the envelope and we’ll give them back at the Tea & Testimony.  If you can’t find it, we have another option for you, so no worries!

Hope to see you there!


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