Homemade Sugar Scrub

Hello, MOPS friends!  It was wonderful seeing “old” friends, and meeting new today! Thank you all for coming out.

After each meeting, I will post instructions on how to make the crafts we did during our meetings at home so you can make more! Below I will list the ingredients for today’s homemade sugar scrub. There are a TONS of cool variations out there, so if you check out Pinterest or Google, you’ll find some other great ideas to make your own scrubs. They make wonderful and cheap gifts or favors, and they are non-toxic to have around for your little ones!

homemade sugar scrub recipe | Sarver MOPS

  • Equal parts white sugar and brown sugar.  (We used 1/4 cup each – though it was a little messy!)  Mix these two together well.
  • Olive oil – Best way to say this is to add enough to make it wet, but not too runny.  It gets runny over time as the sugar absorbs.  Start with 1-2 TBSP and mix and then add more if needed.
  • Vanilla Extract – Add 3-4 drops to give a good smell.  You can also use other essential oils (like Lavender) to give a different scent.  Mix it in, and you’re done!

Take a spoonful of the mixture out and scrub all over your hands when they are wet, rinse off, and you’ll have very soft hands!  A perfect treat with the approaching “dry skin weather.” Enjoy!


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