Adult Coloring Pages


Happy Wednesday Evening, Ladies!

Today’s “craft” was one I hoped you all enjoyed (or will enjoy at home) as much as I do! I love to color.  It’s a relaxing activity (embrace rest – one of our themes this year!), and it gives you time to think while still creating something.  Our theme today was to notice goodness.  Notice the goodness in the simple things as you enjoy this activity.  Notice the goodness in the beautiful colors God allows us to see and make these beautiful colors work together to give you something wonderful to look at.  When you’ve finished your picture, put it in a frame and hang it up or stick on the fridge to admire!

I’ve given you quite a few links to some great adult coloring pages on our Sarver MOPS Pinterest board, titled Meeting Crafts.  There are many adult coloring books to be found at book stores, Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.  Take some time to relax and create something “easy” and fun for yourself!

Have a great two weeks!


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