Burlap “Toilet Paper” Pumpkin


I hope you all loved these burlap pumpkins as much as I did!  These pumpkins have endless possibilities.  You can stuff them with all plastic bags or poly-fill fiber stuffing..  You can add raffia and leaves on top or use sticks for the stem.  You can also have endless possibilities for what you wrap the toilet paper in. You can use any type of fabric, tissue paper, ribbon, twine, or strips of cut drop cloth.  Check out our Pinterest page to see ideas for more inspiration!


Sarver MOPS Applebee’s Halloween Party Fundraiser

MOPS Applebees Halloween Flyer | Sarver MOPS

Please join us for our Halloween party fundraiser on Wednesday, October 28 at the Applebee’s at Pittsburgh Mills.  The fundraiser is all day, and you simply need to present the flyer to your server or Carside To Go Specialist.  Enjoy a lunch out or an evening off from cooking!  And come see our adorable kids in their Halloween costumes between 6-8pm.  Family friendly costumes encouraged!

Please share the above flyer (click here, or on it to make it larger, then print), or this flyer with your friends and family.

Thanks for your support of Sarver MOPS and we hope to see you at Applebee’s!

Donate Locally!


When you came to the meetings, did you see the table outside the door to the bigger kid Moppetts room? CCF posts current needs on a board at this table to donate to local charities. They are currently in need of deodorant, soap, conditioner, and razors to donate to their A Case For Hope ministry.  This ministry decorates pillowcases with scripture verse and fills them with hygiene essentials, as well as bibles, devotionals, toys, and coloring books. The pillowcases are then bathed in prayer and donated to The Hope Center in Tarentum and Haven in Kittanning.

In our efforts to serve others in our community and to support CCF, please consider bringing one of the needed items and dropping it in their tin “wash tub” they have on the aforementioned table! Remember to involve your children and let them know how you are serving others as a way of serving our God. Thank you all!

Operation Christmas Child – Shoebox Service Project


For our main service project this semester, we will be packing shoeboxes to donate in support of Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse.  If you are unfamiliar with this organization, it is an international relief organization that sends a shoebox full of items that we pack to children in need and teaches the word of God.

Beautifully stated on their website, “Every gift-filled shoebox is a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship – transforming the lives of children and families around the world through the Good News of Jesus Christ!”

If you have no idea where to start, please visit Samaritan’s Purse’s website here.  We have the shoeboxes for you to pack at CCF.  You can pack as many as you’d like.  You must first decide which gender and age range of child you’d like to pack a box for, and then check out Pinterest for millions of ideas on what to pack.  I have already pinned many resources for you on our Sarver MOPS Pinterest page on the Operation Christmas Child board.  There are a few items you cannot pack, such as food/chocolate, liquids, war-related items (guns, tanks), breakables, vitamins/medications, seeds, Harry Potter/Pokemon, and used items. Please feel free to ask any of us if you have any questions or concerns about packing your box.  Involve your little ones in the buying and/or packing of your box.  It is a wonderful way to show them how rewarding it is to give to others.

You can begin bringing your filled boxes starting at our next meeting.  All boxes are due by our November 18th meeting.  The members of CCF will be taking these boxes to their destination for us.  If you are able, please have $7 to ship each box. If you would like to help, but cannot pack a box, a monetary donation is wonderful as well!

Please do not hesitate to ask for help on this service project!  Thank you all for your support.

Visit our Operation Christmas Child board on our Pinterest page!


Adult Coloring Pages


Happy Wednesday Evening, Ladies!

Today’s “craft” was one I hoped you all enjoyed (or will enjoy at home) as much as I do! I love to color.  It’s a relaxing activity (embrace rest – one of our themes this year!), and it gives you time to think while still creating something.  Our theme today was to notice goodness.  Notice the goodness in the simple things as you enjoy this activity.  Notice the goodness in the beautiful colors God allows us to see and make these beautiful colors work together to give you something wonderful to look at.  When you’ve finished your picture, put it in a frame and hang it up or stick on the fridge to admire!

I’ve given you quite a few links to some great adult coloring pages on our Sarver MOPS Pinterest board, titled Meeting Crafts.  There are many adult coloring books to be found at book stores, Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.  Take some time to relax and create something “easy” and fun for yourself!

Have a great two weeks!

Homemade Sugar Scrub

Hello, MOPS friends!  It was wonderful seeing “old” friends, and meeting new today! Thank you all for coming out.

After each meeting, I will post instructions on how to make the crafts we did during our meetings at home so you can make more! Below I will list the ingredients for today’s homemade sugar scrub. There are a TONS of cool variations out there, so if you check out Pinterest or Google, you’ll find some other great ideas to make your own scrubs. They make wonderful and cheap gifts or favors, and they are non-toxic to have around for your little ones!

homemade sugar scrub recipe | Sarver MOPS

  • Equal parts white sugar and brown sugar.  (We used 1/4 cup each – though it was a little messy!)  Mix these two together well.
  • Olive oil – Best way to say this is to add enough to make it wet, but not too runny.  It gets runny over time as the sugar absorbs.  Start with 1-2 TBSP and mix and then add more if needed.
  • Vanilla Extract – Add 3-4 drops to give a good smell.  You can also use other essential oils (like Lavender) to give a different scent.  Mix it in, and you’re done!

Take a spoonful of the mixture out and scrub all over your hands when they are wet, rinse off, and you’ll have very soft hands!  A perfect treat with the approaching “dry skin weather.” Enjoy!

Only One More Week…

1 week until MOPS | Sarver MOPS

The wait is almost over!  We will officially kick off the 2015-2016 Sarver MOPS year in only one short week!  Steering has been working hard planning and prepping for next week – and we hope to see you there!

This morning is our second Meet the Moms event.  Join us at Giggles and Smiles at 10am.  Click here for all the details.

If you’re new to our group, go here to learn more about membership and registration.

If you’re a seasoned veteran, check out the members page for more info.  

As always, let us know if you have any questions or concerns (sarvermops@gmail.com).

Happy Wednesday!